Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spring Vintage Weekend at Road America

Flashback to Spring 2011: It was a great weekend for the No. 1 P1800 Volvo, even if it was a terrible weather weekend. Thursday was 84 and beautiful (but that was only a travel day), Friday we had a fog delay! It was pretty amazing, but we still managed. Saturday it was misty and cool (sometimes raining), Sunday it was just plain cold (46) and we ran in 35 MPH winds. Lots of jokes about how much snow was expected to accumulate. But ...

We ran 3 personal best laps. In the Qualifying Race on Saturday we took first in class, despite a little wonky stuff in Turn 3 and the development of a high speed miss after a and extended caution following the meeting of a Healy and the wall in the kink just in front of me. We had access to a different set of plug wires and rejetted for the colder temperatures. That qualifier was supposed to have placed us on the grid for the Sunday feature but for some unknown reason they went with times.

Sunday's warmup had the car running flawlessly. We took 2nd in class in the feature behind a Healy 3000 (why would a car with a full liter displacement more be in our class anyway?????).

All in all, a successful weekend. No broken people or car!

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